6 Reasons Why I Never Considered Marrying Someone Disabled

As a pre-teen, I watched a deaf couple my parents knew end their marriage of 20-plus years. They had three children and it was devastating to see their family being ripped apart. I am sure there were many reasons why the marriage failed, but it became apparent that because of their disability they had in many ways isolated themselves from others. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a major cause in their failed relationship and it became something I thought about when I imagined a future spouse.


I know there are many happy couples out there where both spouses have disabilities, such as TLC’s The Little Couple, but there are some valid reasons why a relationship between two disabled people doesn’t always make sense.


Although Annae Jones’ life may sound ordinary, it is far from it. This married, mother of two was born missing both her arms. She uses her feet to do pretty much everything from baking, driving around her kids and writing. Annae has a Communications …